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Mining & Minerals

ROC Instrumentation

Maximise your plant availability and safety with robust and reliable process instrumentation!

ROC Instrumentation is a proven and reliable process instrumentation supplier. We have seen how lower ore grades are demanding increased plant availability and uptime, that’s why we have partnered with the world’s best instrumentation manufacturers to be able to offer the right solution for any application.

With significant experience in supplying robust solutions to Gold, Copper, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Coal, Alumina, Cement and Mineral Sands processing plants our process experts will assist you by offering industry proven products, services and solutions that can significantly reduce production costs and maximise overall plant efficiency.

Reliable measurement Solutions for:

  • Crusher level control
  • Lubrication oil flow for protection of crushers
  • Ultrasonic density measurement of slurries
  • Radiometric density measurement of slurries
  • Slurry feed and underflow flow measurements
  • Robust pH/ORP for flotation or leaching
  • Turbidity for thickener overflow clarity and water sand filters
  • Dissolved oxygen for CIL process
  • Compressed air flow for compressor efficiency
  • Oxygen flow measurement
  • Non-invasive Autoclave level control
  • Accurate reagent dosing flow control
  • Flotation level control
  • Flocculant flow and quality control
  • Bed level and retractable bed mass measurement for thickeners
  • Process and gland water flow monitoring
  • Process pressure measurements
  • Process temperature monitoring

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Mining & Minerals