Nuclear Density

Nuclear Density

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Density measurement in liquids and slurries

Radiometric density measurement with source container and Gammapilot provide reliable measurement values where other measuring principles cannot be used anymore due to extreme process conditions or because mechanical or construction conditions. Gamma devices are made for non-contact density measurement in liquids and slurries. Contact us to learn more about the broad range of radiometric devices to suit your application.

Radiometric measuring principle:

The gamma source, a caesium or cobalt isotope, emits gamma radiation which is attenuated as it passes through materials. The measuring effect results from the change in absorption of radiation by the product to be measured which is caused by changes in density. The measuring system consists of a source, a source container and a compact transmitter as a receiver


  • Non-contact measurement
  • For extreme measuring tasks when other principles cannot be used
  • Low source activities due to very sensitive detectors
  • Robust designs to suit any environment

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