Ultrasonic Density

Ultrasonic Density

Rhosonics Ultrasonic Slurry Density Meter

– Ultrasonic density measurement

Rhosonics 3rd generation of the slurry density meter [SDM ECO] incorporates over 1,000 installations and almost 20 years of on-site mining and mineral processing experience. SDM ECO is powered by safe non-nuclear technology contributing to a new era of mining where safety and sustainability comes first.

Density measurement in slurries

The SDM ECO uses ultrasonics [acoustic impedance], which is a trusted and field-proven technology to measure slurry density, even under the highest density levels and with abrasive conditions.

With no radioactive materials SDM ECO is lower in cost ownership, reducing resources and time spent on radiation compliance requirements.

SDM ECO is modular by design with a wide range of fittings make the instrument applicable for various installations, such as horizontal or vertical pipes, half-filled pipes, launders, and tanks.

Ease of use instrument control via a standard 7” touchscreen display, with laptop and optional Wi- Fi connectivity available.


  • No radiation licence required
  • All pipe orientations
  • Measures in half-filled pipes and tanks
  • Not sensitive to vibrations
  • Easy calibration and commissioning
  • Robust Ceramics and Duplex material

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